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    Select the version of your preferred software and download the project file. Follow the tutorials to replace your announcer clips and large screen backgrounds, and even customize the studio's lighting color scheme to get a distinctive virtual studio.

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    Buy once and use it multiple times. The final product is not limited by the number of uses, time, space and use. You can use it multiple times for multiple purposes without any additional charges (of course, illegal use is prohibited)

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    Payments are fast and secure – instant digital delivery uses SendOwl. Receive a download link immediately after payment. All major credit cards are accepted (via stripes) and PayPal can be used if you wish.

    Other platforms

    Some of our template(After Effects,Premiere Pro) and Motion Graphics are exclusively sold on Envato. When you visit, you may be transferred to their pages.

    Virtual Set for vMix

    vMix Virtual Set

  • Virtual Set for Tricaster

    Tricaster Virtual Set

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    Every week we have the latest projects on the shelves. It includes versions of After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Motion Graphics, Tricaster, vMix, OBS, XSplit, Wirecast and more.

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    Free Download! - Every month we offer some free items on 3DVirtualSet.Go enjoy them!

    The Christmas Tree 040
    The Christmas Tree 045
    Merry Christmas 088
    Christmas Reindeer 048
    Balloons 034
    The Red Earth 052

    Which One Is Right For You

    Most of our products (Template Files, Motion Graphics) are subject to standard licenses, and if your end product is available to customers for free, you only need a standard license. If your customer needs to pay to use the end product, then you must choose an extended license. understand more


    Free tutorial to help you with your project

    For each project, we have produced a tutorial that is targeted so that you can use it perfectly. For a similarly repeating project structure, you can check out the related tutorials here. Tutorials

    virtual sets tutorial virtual sets for After Effects tutorial virtual sets for Premiere tutorial virtual sets for photoshop tutorial virtual sets for Final Cut tutorial virtual sets for Motion Graphics tutorial virtual sets for Newtek Tricaster tutorial virtual sets for vMix tutorial virtual sets for OBS tutorial virtual sets for XSplit tutorial virtual sets for Wirecast tutorial

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    If you are a student or teacher/professor at any accredited institution worldwide, you are eligible for a 20% discount on 3DVirtualSet. You can purchase as many products as you like with this discount whilst you are in education.Content purchased under this program will be used for noncommercial educational purposes and are not for resale.

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    3D Virtual Set offers fully functional evaluation version with watermark of products in the hopes that all customers will fully evaluate the virtual set before making a purchasing decision.

    After Effects Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro Photoshop Motion Graphics Tricaster vMix OBS XSplit Wirecast

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    As a reliable virtual set design agency, 3D Virtual Set has maintained a solid reputation among the world's major media agencies, advertising companies and education fields, providing professional customers with the content and inspiration needed to improve their projects when they need it most. More and more customers are surprised and admired by the rich details and performance of our virtual scene, and become repeat customers again, which will inspire us to do better.

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    Over the years, our professional products have won praises from customers, and here you can see real feedback from customers. See More Reviews

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